OMG! The Jack is Back!

OMG! Last night’s Gossip Girl episode brought back my all-time favorite seconday (on-and-off because most people hate him) character in the show’s history!

Jack Bass!

If you watch the show, you know that (teenager and star character) Chuck Bass is technically now an orphan. His mother (supposedly) died giving childbirth. (This storyline has come up this season, and I won’t touch upon it because it is complicated and still being worked out.) Chuck’s father, Bart, died last season, leaving his billion-dollar business to Chuck. When Bart died, Chuck went into a frenzy and took off, leaving New York. Frantic to find him, Chuck’s on-again off-again total soulmate and current girlfriend Blair Waldorf found solace in Chuck’s uncle, Jack.  

Chuck Bass, Blair Waldorf, Jack Bass

OK – let’s wrap this incredibly detailed storyline up. Jack finds Chuck and brings his sorry ass back to New York. Chuck has some ups and downs but finally brings it together in order to agree to take over his father’s company. Jack, being pissed that HE won’t run it, tries to ruin Chuck and fails.

Jack tries to rape approaches Chuck’s step-mother (Bart’s widow) Lilly at an event and Chuck saves her steps in to settle the issue. Chuck and Lilly then work together to send Jack to run business in Australia where he wouldn’t hurt them need a warm winter coat anymore.

Well, that all happened in the middle to end of season 2. This is now the middle to end of season 3 and UNCLE JACK IS BACK!

I was so excited to see this lovely, gorgeous, and exciting man back on the show. Sure, Chuck is a definite fan favorite. His reputation as a teen-turned-adult, his witty comments and overall appeal make him a definite choice for anyone to love. (And the actor who plays Chuck, Ed Westwick, is definitely deserving of an Emmy nom.)

Jack is…well…like Chuck, only more adult and still as evil lovely.


Chuck now runs his own hotel, and in last night’s episode he finds out that some of his female staff are (falsely) accusing him of sexual harrassment. Ding Ding! Jack arrives just in time for Chuck to blame him for the entire affair. This is able for Jack to continue to be on the show until, once again, he is shipped off to some remote location and I am left in my “I HEART JACK BASS” T-shirt waiting upon his return.

To get to know Jack, here are some sample quotes of his from last night: (WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!)

(To Blair, whom Jack has slept with): “I’ve already had everything of Chuck’s worth having. *kisses her hand and goes to leave* And as always, the pleasure was yours.”

(To Chuck): I get why you’d fall for all of this, what with your mommy issues; or was that normal attachments to your babysitters? Didn’t help that I was nailing them, huh?”

(To Chuck, re: protestors outside his hotel over Chuck’s lawsuit): “I never realized how many sex puns you can make out of ‘Chuck Bass.'”

(To Lilly, re: an apology over raping approaching her): “I was drinking. Taking some over-the-counter pills they started keeping behind the counter. And some meth.” 

So sure, while I am probably the only person who watches the show that actually likes Jack (besides my sister), you have to admit he is a colorful character. He is a favorite of mine, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Watch Gossip Girl Monday nights at 9 p.m. on the CW.


6 Responses to OMG! The Jack is Back!

  1. Lee says:

    I see by the poll results nearby that 100% of all voters agree with me that NCAA hoops is preferable to re-runs; Nick at Night; and Seacrest (although that one was close). Democracy rules!

  2. Jen says:

    Check again, Dad. 🙂

  3. Lee says:

    You know what Costs stands for in French?

  4. Lee says:

    I meant Costas (the ‘a’ stuck on my keyboard)

  5. ricksrss says:


  6. […] everywhere. (Side note 2: Desmond Harrington, famous on Don’t Touch That Dial for portraying Jack Bass on Gossip Girl, Bart’s brother, has a guest spot on Rescue Me where he plays Troy, a firefighter that […]

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