The Smoking Men of Rescue Me

Recently, a friend and mine have been watching the FX original series Rescue Me all the way through, from season one up through season five (season six beings in June). We love it so much that it has become ALL we can talk about.

Since my recent obbsession began, I have wanted to do a post that honors the gorgeous men of this show. Rescue Me revolves around a team of firefighters in NYC and their various personal and professional problems. Below, meet the gorgeous men that make up the show. (Note: These are not the only characters on the show. Others include Kenny “Lou” Shea, Jerry Reilly, “Needles” Nelson, etc.)


Tommy Gavin

Portrayed by show creator Denis Leary, Tommy Gavin is the star of the show and seems to have the most issues to overcome. To name a few? He’s an alcoholic, his wife and he separated, she took the kids and ran away without telling him, he started sleeping with his dead cousin’s (who died in 9/11) widow, his only son was killed by a drunk driver, his wife started sleeping with his brother (see below), who was then killed, and his wife also had a baby and they don’t know if the father is Tommy or his brother since they were both sleeping with said wife at the time. Yeah, its crazy. But! He somehow works his way to keep his head up the whole time, and looks good doing it.

Franco Rivera

Franco Rivera, as portrayed by Daniel Sunjata, is the ultimate player on a team of players. In the first season, he discovers he has a daughter, Keela, that he didn’t know about. When Keela’s mother dies, Franco begrudgingly takes her in, but learns to take care of her like a good father. In the third season, a wealthy girlfriend of Franco’s (Susan Sarandon) finds out that Franco has custody of Keela even though he signed away his parental rights, so she takes Keela and decides to raise her as her own. Franco really is a man’s man, and always takes care of business.


Sean Garrity

Sean Garrity (Steven Pasquale) is classified as the dumb guy on the team. He is always the first to say something stupid, get confused, or get his facts messed up. Sean really is the dumb guy with a heart of gold, but he’s adorable while doing it. He begins a relationship with Tommy’s messed up sister Maggie (Tatum O’Neal), and Sean and Maggie marry (just to divorce later). His close friendship with Mike (see below) makes the two a great “Dumb and Dumber” type pairing. In season 5, Sean finds out that he has kidney cancer (probably 9/11 related) but gets treatment for it and turns out OK.

Mike Silletti

Mike Silletti (Michael Lombardi) comes onto the team as the rookie – the “probie.” He is a new fireman who has to work to earn the respect of others. Similar to a frat house, the guys make Mike do all the grunt work – clean the house, clean the truck, do errands, etc. When its time for Mike to be made a full-on firefighter, he feels he is unappreciated in the house and wants to transfer out. However, rumors fly that he is gay (which, despite a few experiences he claims he’s not) and in a profession that is “old school” in its way of thinking, this doesn’t sit well with the guys on the other truck he wants to transfer to. Mike ends up staying where he is, and when they get a new probie, he finally makes his mark with the other guys.


Johnny Gavin

Be still my beating heart! Johnny Gavin (Dean Winters) is by far my favorite Rescue Me character. Younger brother to Tommy, Johnny is a cop with the NYPD who helps Tommy get out of trouble when he needs it. Johnny has an ex-wife Angie (Marisa Tomei) and two daughters that are never seen. After Tommy and his wife, Janet,’s son Conner is killed by a drunk driver, Johnny hooks up with Janet. Tommy is furious when he finds out, beating Johnny up and down the street. Tommy tries to get Johnny pissed by dating Angie, but Johnny doesn’t buy it. Johnny says he’s loved Janet since she and Tommy met in high school, and it’s assumed that he picked Angie as second best when Janet married Tommy. Janet gets pregnant and doesn’t tell Johnny she has also secretly been with Tommy, so Johnny believes it’s his. At a stakeout one night, Johnny is shot to death. He is definitely my favorite character – being so tough yet so sweet – and I love him for it. (Check out clip of him below.)

Mickey Gavin

Mickey Gavin (Robert John Burke) is Tommy’s cousin. He was a priest, but then left the church for reasons unknown (he does have a girlfriend, so that may be a reason). Mickey brings Tommy to AA meetings and acts as Tommy’s sponsor. He tries to keep Tommy in line, making sure his drinking and everything is settled correctly. Mickey seems to be one of the more moral Gavin family members, always trying to get everyone’s drinking (everyone in the family pretty much has a problem with alcohol) under control. (Side note: Robert John Burke who plays Mickey is probably best known, for me anyway, as playing Bart Bass on Gossip Girl.)

So there you have it. Those are the men of Rescue Me that deserve to be in GQ Magazines everywhere. (Side note 2: Desmond Harrington, famous on Don’t Touch That Dial for portraying Jack Bass on Gossip Girl, Bart’s brother, has a guest spot on Rescue Me where he plays Troy, a firefighter that admires Tommy to an almost creepy extent.)

Check out these clips below. WARNING: Contains mature content.


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  1. klevay says:

    quite possibly the best blog subject ever lol

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