“I’m a funny lesbian. I’m Ellen!”

On this date 13 years ago, Ellen DeGeneres made TV history.

How? Well, it was on this date that her character, Ellen Morgan, on her sitcom Ellen came out as a lesbian. She was the first gay lead character on television. The episode was entitled “The Puppy Episode,” and was one of the highest rated of the show.

Since then, television shows about gays and lesbians have popped up all over. Such shows include, but aren’t limited to, Will and Grace, Queer as Folk, and The L Word.

Ellen now has her own very successful daytime talk show which has won the actress/comedian Daytime Emmys. She also currently resides as the fourth judge on American Idol.

You can watch the end of “The Puppy Episode” below, and watch the Ellen talk show every day on NBC.


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