Joey Potter to be Jackie Kennedy!

It’s official. Katie Holmes – aka Joey Potter, aka Mrs. Tom Cruise – has been cast to play Jacqueline Kennedy in an upcoming History Channel mini-series.

The eight-hour long mini-series entitled The Kennedys is slotted to premiere next year. Holmes will portray the late Mrs. Kennedy, with Greg Kinnear (The Last Song) playing John F. Kennedy (JFK), Barry Pepper (61*) playing Robert Kennedy and Tom Wilkinson (John Adams) playing Joe Kennedy, Sr.

Jackie Kennedy has been getting a lot of attention recently. Along with Holmes portraying her in the upcoming mini-series, there will also be a biopic about Mrs. Kennedy where she will be portrayed by (British-born) Rachel Weisz (The Constant Gardener).

To see a clip of Holmes acting, check out the scene below from her hit show Dawson’s Creek. (Holmes, in case you don’t know, is the one in the yellow sweater.) And keep an eye out for the upcoming mini-series!


One Response to Joey Potter to be Jackie Kennedy!

  1. Lt. Caffey says:

    This is interesting, I didn’t know Katie Holmes was still working. Guess those feature film roles aren’t exactly flowing her way. And what the heck is a “biopic”?

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