USA Wins Again!

USA Network is pretty much famous for producing one amazingly good original series after another. Such examples include Monk, Burn Notice, Psych and most recently Royal Pains and White Collar.

The common demoinator with all these shows? A male lead.

USA currently has only one show with a female lead, In Plain Sight which has been mentioned on Don’t Touch That Dial. This July, however, USA will be introducing a new female lead show: Covert Affairs.

I heard about this show via Twitter, where I (and everyone else) can follow USA Network at @USA_Network. I watched the trailer and immediately knew it was a show I was going to be very much into.

Peter Gallagher

For one thing, the female lead they’ve chosen is Piper Perabo whom I still love from Coyote Ugly. It also includes Peter Gallagher (The OC and Californication) and Kari Matchett (24 and Leverage). The other men in the show include hottie Eion Bailey (Band of Brothers) and adorable Christopher Gorham (Ugly Betty).

The show revolves around Piper’s character, Annie Walker, a new CIA trainee who gets promoted in order to catch her ex-boyfriend (Bailey). Acting as her “guide through life” is a blind tech-ops expert (Gorham), Auggie Anderson. Annie is also surrounded by her boss, CIA Director Arthur Campbell (Gallagher), and his wife/senior agent Joan Campbell (Matchett).

The cast seems excellent – all with primed television experience – and the tone of the show has been described as “Alias Meets Chuck.” The trailer shows a fun, sexy tone and features a kick-ass female lead, which this network could definitely benefit from. (Not that any of the male lead shows are bad. In fact, they make up two of my personal favorite shows.)

Covert Affairs premieres in July 2010 on USA Network.


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