I Can Dig It!


Another week, another set of shows to watch! This week, two of the three shows I will suggest are at the same time! Which to choose….  Well read here and decide for yourself!

1. CSI: NY  Wednesday  at 10 p.m. on CBS

After what seems like forever, there is finally a new episode of CSI: New York this week!

In this week’s episode, the victim is a young woman named Marina who has called Stella (one of the CSIs) for many years seeking information about what happened to her brother. Marina is found dead, supposedly due to suicide.

Stella refuses to believe that this woman killed herself when she never found out what happened to her brother, and Stella is determined to find whoever it was that killed Marina.

Of course, this causes Stella to be in some dangerous situations and finds herself trying to survive against the madman (or woman) that killed Marina.

Sounds like a good episode. Check out an extended promo below.

2. Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat II  Wednesday at 10 p.m. on MTV

Yes… I’m serious.

This show made up a huge chunk of my television viewing when I was in high school (right after Laguna Beach, of course). A few friends and I would watch it every week and go to school the next day and discuss.

It was a big deal.

Which is why it actually surprised me that this is still on. Even more surprising? Some people on this new season (which will be its 19th season), are people I STILL remember! It was kind of a big deal.

For all those unaware, this show combines some people from The Real World and some people from Road Rules and puts them together for one challenge. There are two teams, and while the actual playing of the challenges and then the going home challenge differs, its the drama and fighting that kept causing me to watch. Every week is either a guy’s or girl’s challenge. A girl fights a girl, a guy fights in a guy, in one challenge and whoever loses goes home. And then there is a final challenge and the winning team wins money.

This season is “Fresh Meat,” meaning along with 12 veterans (people who have played the game before), 12 newbies (people not yet on television and not yet on a challenge) come in to participate.

It’s the drama and excitement that keep me coming back, even years later, to tune in and see what these crazy people are up to. Check out the trailer, and tune in! Guaranteed you will not be able to turn away.

3. Bones  Thursday at 8 p.m. on FOX


As mentioned last week this week marks the 100th episode of Bones! If you’ve been following this AT ALL, you will understand that there has been review after review after review of this particular episode, and that so much buzz has been speculated about it, its almost impossible for me to know where to begin.

The episode flashes back to Booth and Brennan’s first case together and focuses on how they felt about each other then, and how they are feeling about each other now.

The episode was directed by David Boreanaz, who plays Seeley Booth, and brings back Eric Millegan as Zack Addy (whom I personally love).

 I am so excited for this episode! Critics have said that Bones fans will be split between whether they like the way the episode ends or not, but I am very excited to see what exactly it is that people will or will not like.


4 Responses to I Can Dig It!

  1. Colonel says:

    Hey, when does the Deadliest Catch return? We need more discussion of that kind of show … you know … real stuff.

  2. Rick Hancock says:

    Your blog is fun to read. It’s better than TV Guide.

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