It was Justified.

“I’m giving you 24 hours to get out of town or else I will shoot you on sight.” – Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens

Only three episodes into its first season, and already this show has gotten exceedingly high ratings and has stolen my heart.

Oh? The show? 

It’s called Justified and its on FX. The show revolves around Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (pictured above) and his return to his home state of Kentucky after a…mishap…in Miami. (Basically, he shot a guy straight up in public and the higher ups didn’t appreciate it.)

Of course, Givens isn’t excited to go home. When he gets there, he has to deal with a misfitted bunch of characters. They include his new boss, Art Mullen, and two other deputies, Tim Gutterson and Rachel Brooks. Given’s past also comes to light in the form of his ex-wife, Winona; her new husband, Gary and Given’s high school crush Ava, who is the only witness to Givens’ shooting of his old buddy Boyd Crowder.

Crazy, right?

Oh, and there’s also a bunch of crime stuff as well. The second episode focuses around a prison escapee who escapes to find the money he stashed from a bank robbery 15 years ago. Givens has to find him and then works security detail, transporting criminals across state.

Bottom line, the show is great fun. It’s dramatic, subtley comedic and action packed. The Givens character is based on books and short stories written by Elmore Leonard. Givens is a modern cowboy, always wearing boots and a cowboy hat, along with hip holster that he uses only with the intention of killing. He’s a hero to all and I am so excited to have found this new series.

So watch it! Every Tuesday at 10 p.m. on FX.


3 Responses to It was Justified.

  1. Rick Hancock says:

    Sounds interesting. I guess I’ll have to watch something after they 24 goes off the air!

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