I Can Dig It!

Is Daylight Savings Time screwing anyone else up?  The only reason I know to spring my clocks ahead or to turn them back is because someone (usually a family member or news anchor) tells me to. I still don’t know why…but I guess it doesn’t matter. All I know is that TV will still air as regularly scheduled – whether 8 p.m. today was 7 p.m. yesterday or not. So let’s get started on what to watch this week!

1. NCAA Tournament (“Big Dance”)  All day Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday  on CBS

The NCAA Tournament is THE tournament for college basketball. (Think, Super Bowl for college basketball. Think Olympics for college basketball.)

It’s always a thrill to see how 64 teams can be cut down to the “Sweet 16” (16 teams) in just four days. The best part is seeing teams from smaller schools that are thrilled to be there. It’s just like seeing a country in the Olympics that has only one or two participants. Sure, they’d like to win, but they’re just happy to be there.

For instance, everyone knows that UConn (whoo!) usually makes it, or that Kansas and Kentucky will dominate the men, but it’s the little teams that no one’s really heard of that make up a great Cinderella story.

Today is Selection Sunday, which is when the participating teams and where/who they will play is announced. Brackets are formed (for the men’s games), and gambling addicts everywhere spend days going over rankings and point totals.

(Oh yeah, and women also play in this tournament too.)

The two top picks for men are Kentucky and Kansas. The top pick for women is the UConn team.

Below is a video created for Kentucky player John Wall, who is famous for the “John Wall Dance” he created. You’ll get the jist of it. (And yes, the “Network TV Wall” and “Cougar Wall” are from Don’t Touch That Dial favorite show Cougar Town. The man doing it, Josh Hopkins, is from Kentucky.)

2. Gossip Girl  Mondays at 9 p.m. on the CW Network

Last week marked the first new episode of Gossip Girl since Thanksgiving. It was a thrill for fans everywhere – and even more of a thrill knowing that the rest of the season will air (no hiatus in between) until the end of the season (slated for May 17).

This show of priviledged teenagers goes WAY beyond your usual after school special. The show has sex, it has drugs, it has betrayals, romances, weddings, adoptive kids, and just about everything that anyone could ever go through ever.

And these kids are only 19.

This show is great for teenagers and up (not really suitable for the under 13 category). It has a combination of teenage angst and drama (which is more than just.. “OMG she totally wore the same dress as me!) as well as a parents drama (Serena and Dan, two of the teen stars, were dating in season 1, now in season 3 they are brother and sister as her mom and his dad got hitched.)

To see a promo of Monday night’s episode, check out the vid below:

3.  Scrubs  Wednesday at 8 p.m. on ABC

Scrubs – a medical comedy based around a quirky doctor, his overbearing and downright mean mentor, and a whole other batch of riff raffed characters – is the show that I would pick to win Best Who Knew This Was Still On The Air? award.

On for nine seasons, this show has had its share of false cancellations. (Actually, the show originated on NBC which threw it away during its 7th season. ABC generously picked it up for an eighth and ninth season.)

The ninth season, however, lost most of the show’s original cast (keeping only Dr. Perry Cox [see: angry mentor above] and Dr. Christopher Turk, with appearances by few other original characters.) The show took a whole new dynamic – switching from the hospital set it was used to and putting the show’s focus on (yes, the hospital) but also the med school where Dr. Cox and Turk are teachers. The new med students make up the new cast, as well as former intern, now doctor, Denise Mahoney.

This week’s episode may be, finally, the series finale. The whole show may end on Wednesday, so even if you’ve never seen it, spend 30 mins and watch. (Or watch the endless re-runs aired on Comedy Central.)



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