Maury Povich for President!

Recently, I attended a taping of one of the best daytime shows on television: the Maury show.

For anyone unfamiliar with this excellent program, the Maury show focuses on couples that are dealing with infidelity and unsure paternity cases as well as unruly teens and insane phobias. It is daytime talk show television at its best!

When I went to the show (which tapes in Stamford, C.T.), I was so excited to be sitting in the audience and looking at a very familiar stage (see picture below).

I have watched Maury so many times and just loved that I was actually there in person. When they introduced Maury and he came out, everyone was clapping and screaming (including me). For a guy that’s usually made fun of for what he does, he has a great personality. He was cracking jokes and smiling the whole time.


The show we went to will air in 2 weeks (March 25) and I won’t lie, I’m excited to see it. (Mainly to see if/how many times I am on TV since my friends and I sat in the third row.)

While there, we saw lie detector and paternity tests (if you’re familiar with the show, you know what this entails) and I got to hear (live) the famous Maury catch phrase… “You ARE the father!”

I would very much like to go back to another taping of Maury, and I would LOVE to see an “Out of Control Teens” episode, which are my favorite. Especially D-West, a huge guy they bring out to yell at and intimidate the out of control teens while consoling the crying mothers and then whisking the teens (usually girls) off to a night in jail so they know what it’s like.

Check out D-West in action below, and understand why I love him. And watch the clip after it to see why I think Maury should get an Emmy.


One Response to Maury Povich for President!

  1. Rick Hancock says:

    You must tell us more about Maury!

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