Top 5 Best (Fake) TV Politicians

In honor of…well…nothing in particular… I have decided to list what I think are the best use of politicans (mostly mayors) on television. Agree? Disagree? Have your own favorites? Tell me in the comments! 

5. Mayor David Dinkins  (Seinfeld

Mayor David Dinkins

 OK, so technically he never appeared in the episode, but ex-mayor of New York City still played a big role in the Seinfeld episode entitled “The Non-Fat Yogurt.”  

In said episode, the audience is introduced to a childhood friend and now nemesis of George’s named Lloyd Braun. Braun works as an aide to then actual mayor of New York, David Dinkins. Braun goes on a date with Elaine, who tells him her idea of what she would do if she were mayor.  

“You know what I would do if I was running for mayor? One of my campaign themes would be that everybody should wear nametags all the time to make the city friendlier.” – Elaine 

Braun tells Elaine that he will suggest the idea to Mayor Dinkins. Which he does, and as a result the city laughs at the mayor’s new prospect: making everyone wear name tags. To which, he loses the election. (Poking fun, of course, at the mayor’s real life loss to Rudy Giuliani which had nothing [as far as I know of] to do with name tags.)  

It was a great episode that made fun of a real life political event. My hat goes off to the clever people behind the episode.  

4. Mayor Quimby  (The Simpsons)    

Mayor Quimby

 Mayor “Diamond Joe” Quimby is best known as mayor of Springfield on The Simpsons. He was created to be a parody of Ted Kennedy, as well as other Kennedy family members that have run for office.  

 A slick, corrupting womanizer, this mayor seems to be everything that people hate (and yet, as viewers we adore) in a politician.  

 He often doesn’t show much interest/concern in his city, and he is very often seen in bed with (blonde) women or playing with pornographic cards at town meetings.  

He shows up in brief, public appearances and while he would never make it as a real mayor (hopefully) he is funny as hell to watch on screen.  

Here is a song dedicated to beloved Mayor Quimby:  

3. President Josiah “Jed” Bartlet  (The West Wing)  

President Josiah Bartlet

I admit, I’ve only watched bits and pieces of this show. But I’ve heard, and read, great things about this fictional president. A devout Catholic from New Hampshire who struggles with multiple sclerosis, he seems to be able to overcome a lot (also including an abusive father). The theme of the show, in retrospect to him, seems to be an inability to remember the names of his junior staff. In a touching finale, he walks the halls saying goodbye and remembers all the names of his staff and their families.  

Watch this great clip of him below and remember, “Bartlet for America.”  

2. Mayor Adam West  (Family Guy)

Mayor Adam West

Adam West, best known as Batman, is hilariously stupid and yet loveable in this show.

Portraying the mayor, he never really seems to be doing mayor-ly things (except for one episode where he appeared to legalize pot after hearing a song he liked.)

He is always doing, or saying, something ridiculous that definitely sets the tone for the rest of the show. Personal favorite Adam West moment? His cat launcher. (“Paul? What a ridiculous name for a cat!”)

Adam West in real life may be a beloved American figure, but on this show? He’s nothing more than just another made-fun of yet loveable (and favorite) TV politician.

1. Mayor Randall Winston  (Spin City)

Mayor Randall Winston

And the #1 favorite TV politican spot goes to…. Mayor Randall Winston of Spin City! This mayor may not be that smart or in that much control (his office pretty much does everything to keep him in office) but he is downright hi-larious in everything he does. He always gets himself into trouble and always seems to be about to lose an election; but then he swoops in at the end and saves the day. He always comes through and that’s probably why he was the fictional mayor of New York City for six seasons.

Check him out in all his great glory (and the always amazing Marcia Cross) below. Congrats, Randy!


4 Responses to Top 5 Best (Fake) TV Politicians

  1. Elroy says:

    Martin Sheen, ‘great things’? That show was strong until they decided to use it as a left wing propoganda machine. Then, surprise, it was off the air. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Jen says:

      Martin Sheen was just an actor on the show. The political tendencies of the show have nothing to do with the fact that he played the character well. His 5 Emmy nominations, 4 Golden Globe nominations and one Globe win prove this fact to be true.

  2. Elroy says:

    Why do TV shows, especially entertainment shows, have any political tendencies at all? Even MASH became a political show at the end when they ran out of good stories. But did the Mary Tyler Moore Show have any leanings? Nope.

    • Elroy says:

      A couple of other top actors played prominent roles on the West Wing: Jimmy Smits (who came to fame on L.A. Law) and old friend Alan Alda (who I think had a role in MASH) were in the mix. Come to think of it, they squeezed John Goodman into a suit on that show as well, he actually took over for Martin Sheen in one storyline.

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