You Like Me…You Really Like Me

Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) from CSI: Miami

In a kind of “no duh” moment, news broke the other day that Adam Rodriguez will return to CSI:Miami.

In the show’s season finale last year, Rodriguez’s character, Eric Delko, had seemingly disappeared after enduring a gun fight. During the summer, Rodriguez failed to agree to contract terms with CBS, resulting in him essentially being off the show. Fans and critics speculated that Delko would be killed off, since that would essentially explain Rodriguez being off the show, but Rodriguez wouldn’t agree to that. Instead, he agreed to a 10-episode arc (meaning appearance) so as to save the Delko character and possibly tie up loose ends with the Eric Delko-Calleigh Duquesne relationship that fans had to wait seven long years for.

Meanwhile, in between his guest appearances on Miami, Rodriguez landed a guest spot (spanning, it seems, over several episodes on then-hit show Ugly Betty (which has now been cancelled).

Now, since the demise of Betty, speculation arose of whether Rodriguez would return to Miami full time again. The answer? Let’s head to Rodriguez’s Twitter account for that:

amaticrodriguez: Twit Fam, I have some news that I hope will make CSI:Miami fans happy. Eric Delko will be back to the show full time 4 all of season 9!!!    4:28 PM Feb 19th via web

Having recently gotten into CSI:Miami because of the Delko-Duquesne romance, I can say with all certainty: HOO-RAY!

Michael Ausiello from Entertainment Weekly got an exclusive interview with Rodriguez which explains the come-back as well as Delko’s future on the show. A lot of it, Rodriguez said, had to do with fan response. (There was even a website dedicated to “saving” Rodriguez’s character).

No matter the reason, I’m glad Rodriguez will be back. Actor Eddie Cibrian had been somewhat filling his place, but Cibrian’s character has met with mix fan reactions.

Happy about this? Sad? Don’t care? Let me know!

To see Adam Rodriguez in action (in a somewhat relatable scene if you squint hard) on CSI:Miami check out the video below:


One Response to You Like Me…You Really Like Me

  1. Rick Hancock says:

    Never heard of this guy, but he seems to have made quite the impression on you!

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