Live from New York it’s…Rose Nylund?

One of the biggest fan pages on Facebook  is one set up to honor the legendary actress Betty White.

Oh, you’re thinking, that’s nice. A page set up as a shrine to Betty White, set up just for her fans. Not exactly.

This particular fan page is set up to request that the 88-year-old actress host great sketch show Saturday Night Live.

Hosting SNL is one of the greatest accomplishments any person in the entertainment business  can hope to add to their resume. It seems ridiculous – just hosting a sketch show? Anyone can do that! – but it really is an honor and so almost everyone has said in their opening monologues.

So why not now, at a huge peak in her decades long career, can’t Betty White host SNL? No real reason. Official word is Betty is surprised, but not opposed to it.

Finding this clip, I can see she actually has been thinking about it for a while:

Betty White (who seems to have one of those names that need to include both a first and last name) is best known for her roles as Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and as (personal favorite) Rose Nylund on (again, personal favorite) The Golden Girls .

To find out a little more about Betty – as well as a totally hi-larious ending quote – check out the video below. And join the Facebook fan page! Let’s get Rose back to New York!


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