I Can Dig It!

This week’s I Can Dig It! was more difficult to do since there are almost no new shows on primetime networks this week. The reason? My I Can Dig It! spot number one.

1. Olympics 2010   Every day on NBC

Vancouver Olympics 2010

The Olympics will dominate ratings this week. Primetime networks aren’t even running new episodes of shows, probably because they know they have no hope of beating NBC this week. (I say, go ahead and give NBC its one or two weeks of glory. Ratings for the network will never be this high again.)

If not for anything else, the Olympics are good, for me anyway, as a background. I can’t sit there and watch these games 24 hours a day for two weeks straight, but I do like to have it on in the background or wait until figure skating or speed skating to start.

If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what the Olympics are, you can check out their Wikipedia page here.

To see a really well-done blog post entry about the Olympics, check it out here. (And if you notice the author has the same last name as me? It’s not a coincidence. He’s my father. Thanks Dad! Oh, and the That 70s Show clip he has on there? That was my idea.)


2. Leverage   Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on TNT

I’ve enjoyed this show from the beginning. It is a clever, dramedy (a funny drama) about a mish-mashed gang of former thieves that act as modern-day Robin Hoods that steal and trick rich, powerful people to help out a lesser person. The characters are lovable, from the anti-social thief Parker to the hilarious and brilliant hacker Hardison and the tough-as-nails with a heart of gold hitter Eliot. The “leaders” of the team include mastermind Nate and grifter Sophie.

This week marks the season 2 finale. Check out the promo and some sneak peeks in the video below.

3. Burn Notice  Thursdays at 10 p.m. on USA

This show is one of my most favorite shows on television right now. It is a James Bond/Jason Bourne TV show about a burned (or fired) spy, Michael Westen, and the cast of characters surrounding him including mother, Madeline, best friend Sam Axe and on-again off-again girlfriend Fiona Glennane.  

It is a great show that is in its last few episodes of its 3rd season. This week’s episode has Sam and Michael investigating a robbery at a fashion house, and Michael and Fiona have to make nice with a Polish intelligence officer.

Check out a special sneak peek below:



One Response to I Can Dig It!

  1. ricksrss says:

    You should do a blog post on how ratings are determined.

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