what’s up tv lovers?

Here’s the 411: This blog is to discuss any and all things television. As a big supporter of television – and I mean big; epic; huge…any and all other synonyms for the word “big” – I find this to be a very exciting opportunity.

I hope this to be a chance to reminisce on old TV experiences, new TV thrills, and of course any and all memorable occasions that can be tuned in on anytime, anyplace.

Let’s start with some big TV news that just broke over at Entertainment Weekly earlier today.


That’s right. Everybody’s favorite prime time crazed magazine worker is going to end her adventures this season. Ratings have been down, the show has been moved to different days and times trying to fit ABC’s schedule and finally the network has had enough.

For any of you that don’t know what Ugly Betty is, check out this YouTube compilation of funny bits of season 3:

Sad to see Ugly Betty go? Happy it’s gone? Hit the comments and tell me!  And while you’re at it, let me know of your favorite TV shows to make sure I cover them!


One Response to what’s up tv lovers?

  1. […] Meanwhile, in between his guest appearances on Miami, Rodriguez landed a guest spot (spanning, it seems, over several episodes on then-hit show Ugly Betty (which has now been cancelled). […]

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